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How Utah is solving the Middle School Mathematics Gap

There are an average of three to four students receiving special education services in each Utah classroom, and they deserve every chance for success. Unfortunately, by seventh grade there is a 37% proficiency gap between the mathematics achievements of all students and those of students with disabilities.

Middle school mathematics is a crucial part of the foundation for future success. Math comprehension in middle school affects ACT scores, graduation rates, and career trajectory.

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We are incredibly grateful to the following sources for influencing several of the ideas presented in our video

Resources for Utah Educators

The Utah Multi-Tiered System of Supports (UMTSS) addresses both academic and behavioral needs of all students through the integration of data, practices, and systems. The UMTSS in Mathematics Framework document will address concerns for middle school mathematics educators.

The Utah Professional Development Network (UPDN) is committed to providing quality professional development for Utah special education teachers, administrators, and related-service providers.

The Utah Program Improvement Planning System (UPIPS) offers Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Monitoring to support Utah educators with advocacy, focus, and prioritization of effort.

The Mathematics Core Standards for middle school establishes what students should understand and be able to accomplish in their study of mathematics.

The Utah Core Guides provide a description of the Core Standards, including concepts and skills to master, critical background knowledge, and academic vocabulary.


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